Country Guitar Riffs

These country guitar riffs are a fun and great way to learn how to play country guitar. Let these country guitar licks inspire you to make new riffs and sounds in your own country music.

As every style does, country guitar music has it's own sound and techniques. There are small things that country guitar players play that make them sound like a country guitar player.

There are many styles of country music. In these country guitar riffs you will find that one riff will sound like a bluesy country lick or a rock styled country lick.

Country is very versatile. Since the chords you play in country are fairly simple, the leads or melody lines you play over top of them can be almost anything.

In jazz music you normally will play more complex chords so your leads may be more complex to play and write.

Country music leaves you with the ability to play almost anything you want.

Also, in country music you will use your fingers a lot. There are many different styles of finger picking. You have hybrid picking which is when you play with your pick and your fingers at the same time.

You can also just use your fingers to play everything. Most slower country guitar songs use finger picking. This is where you don't even use a pick and let your fingers pluck your chords and melodies.

Another thing you will come across in country music is the various strumming patterns. There are almost an endless amount of strumming patterns out there. Your job is to listen to your favorite songs and try to figure out the timing.

Once you have the timing down for some of your favorite strumming patterns then you can apply those same patterns to your own music.

Strum patterns are easy to create. They are simply various rhythmic ways to pick a chord.

Let's get into the country guitar riffs.

To enlarge the pictures just click on them and scroll to see the whole picture up close!

The picture above is one of my favorite country guitar riffs. Once you get this riff down and start playing it you will notice how you might stray from the original timing of this riff and start "feeling" it.

This is a great country guitar riff. The double stops in the middle of this riff at the 7th and 5th fret are classic country guitar technique.

In country you will play a lot of double stops. This is when you play two notes together like at the 7th and 5th frets in the middle of this riff.

Let's move on to riff 2.

As I mentioned before there are all kinds of styles of country. This next riff is a bluesy riff. This lick incorporates chromatic pull offs.

Take this one slow at first and make sure that all your pull offs are clean and you aren't hitting other strings.

Always use a metronome when you practice any riff. A metronome will make you a better guitar player faster.

There is another double stop at the end of this riff. It may sound dull when you play it slow, but when you get this lick up to speed you will notice how great this riff is.

Here is another great country riff. This is a very simple guitar lick and should still be treated like any other. Start slow on your metronome and once you feel comfortable at that speed then move up about 8 bpm (beats per minute) until you reach your desired goal.

This riff above is another one of my favorite riffs. This is constantly going between your bass note and a double stop.

This is a classic country blues riff. Once you get this riff down make your own riffs like this. These bass notes and double stops together make for some incredible country licks!

Let these licks inspire you to write your own riffs!

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