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You Will Always Know What to Practice Next!

Do you ever get frustrated about what guitar lessons to practice next? Of course! Almost every guitar player has felt this way.

Yes, even the pros!

One of the top reasons why people never reach the level they wanted is because they didn't know what to practice next and got stuck.

Don't be one of those people! There is always something new to learn! You will always have things to practice, no matter how good you are. How awesome is that?

Just think, the best guitar players out there used to be in the exact same place you are now! They felt confused and lost sometime. So what made them the great guitar players they are today? They didn't let the frustration get them down.

They always pushed through, studied until they found something new they needed to work on.

That is a huge key to being a successful guitar player! Always better yourself and always be learning something new to make it interesting!

That is what Full Score Guitar Lessons is all about! I am here to help you learn something new!

Here are some of the most popular lessons on Full Score!

That's not even the half of it! You are going to learn everything you need to master the guitar!

The only thing you have to do is figure out where you are in your playing and where to begin!

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Are you new to the guitar and need to start from the basics? Click the link above for lessons every beginning guitar player needs to know!

If you are more experienced than an absolute beginner, check out all the links below! Find the topic that interests you the most! There are hundreds of pages and guitar lessons on Full Score!

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Guitar eBooks
Guitar eBooks That Will Take Your Playing To The Next Level! The Choice Is Yours To Be A Better Musician!
Free Downloadable Guitar Lessons
Need free downloadable guitar lessons to take with you? Here are free guitar lessons you can download and practice anywhere.
Full Score Guitar Lessons Blog
The F.S.G.L. Blog will keep you up to date with all the new additions and changes to website. You can subscribe here!
Guitar Lessons In Nashville
Get the BEST 1 on 1 Guitar Lessons in Nashville, Tennessee from me, Brandon Farris at Full Score Guitar Lessons!
Free Basic Guitar Lessons Online
Start your free basic guitar lessons today. Learn beginner guitar songs, easy guitar theory, free beginner guitar lesson downloads, and so much more...
Complete Intermediate Guitar Lessons
Don't know what to practice? With these intermediate guitar lessons you will have all the information at your fingertips. Grab your guitar and let's get started.
Advanced Guitar Lessons
So your past beginner, you've mastered intermediate, now what? Advanced guitar lessons! Take your playing to the next level.
Video Guitar Lesson
Do you learn faster with a video guitar lesson? Here are dozens of free online video lessons for you to watch.
Beginner Guitar Chords
Start making amazing sounding music with these easy beginner guitar chords! I’ll show you different techniques and how to “KNOW” hundreds of chords by just memorizing a few!
Free Guitar Scales
This is the ultimate list of free guitar scales! Learn how to create scales and learn hundreds of different and unique scales.
4,500 Awesome Guitar Arpeggios
4,500 guitar arpeggios you can use in your own music! Learn the basic arpeggios for over 100 chords.
Best Guitar Shred Lesson
Want to shed? This guitar shred lesson will cover the basics of sweeps, legato, tapping and speed picking. Then go from basic to advanced in each technique.
Soloing Over Guitar Chords
Start soloing over guitar chords now! Have you ever wondered which scales to play over which chords? These lessons take the guess work out of that!
Guitar Tunings
This page gives you all the guitar tunings you will ever need! Learn all the basic chord shapes in open tunings and easy movable scale and so much more!
Guitar Theory
Here it is! The foundation of all guitar is guitar theory. Learn this full theory lesson and have all you need to create music yourself.
Guitar Ear Training Online
Get ready for this free Guitar Ear Training Online lesson! This lesson will give you everything you need to train your ear properly!
Acoustic Guitar Lessons
Acoustic Guitar Lessons! Learn the techniques of acoustic guitar and play the music you love.
Classical Guitar Lessons
Start learning classical guitar with these easy to learn classical guitar lessons. Learn the history of classical guitar and lessons that range from easy to advanced.
Online Country Guitar Lessons
In these online country guitar lessons you not only learn how to play country but you will learn country guitar chords, country guitar riffs and some great country songs to practice!
7 String Guitar Lessons
In these 7 string guitar lessons you have everything you need to master the 7 string guitar!
Metal Guitar Lessons
In these metal guitar lessons I will show you everything you need to shred! You will learn all the different techniques that metal guitar players use.
Blues Guitar Lessons
Love blues? These blues guitar lessons will give you everything you need to know to play the blues. Learn blues scales, chords, and even some fun blues songs.
Rock Guitar Lesson
Do you want a rock guitar lesson that will show you everything from rock guitar scales to cool and usable rock guitar licks? If so then check out all the great FREE lessons on this page.
Jazz Guitar Lessons Free
Learn these jazz guitar lessons free no strings attached. Learn jazz scales, chords, and many other licks to enhance your jazz playing.
Guitar Supplies
Looking for great deals on guitar supplies? This section shows you my opinion of the best guitar strings, picks, amps and guitars!
Guitar Books
Here is a list of guitar books that i recommend if you are serious about playing.
Guitar Lessons DVD
Here is a list of my favorite guitar lessons dvd. They cover everything from shred lessons to instructions on different styles.
Ultimate Guitar Tabs
Learn how to read tabs and find your favorite songs with this ultimate guitar tabs list of songs.
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